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How to choose a wood flooring?

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How to choose a wood flooring?

The use of wood flooring is not only beautiful. Wood flooring can add value to the home. This will reveal when you intend to sell it.

But what kind of wood floor is suitable for us?

Many variables are effective in selecting wood flooring. Tastes and budgets are two important factors in choosing the type of wood flooring.

We will describe the benefits of the types of wood for you. You can choose the best option for you.

Types of wood species:

Oak: The most popular choice in terms of durability and elegance
Bamboo: It’s resistant. Its maintenance is simple.
Walnut: is durable and attractive, and its installation and maintenance is simple
Maple: Robust and inexpensive and easy to install.
Cork: is resistant to cracking and abrasion and is impermeable to liquids and gases.


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