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Marquetry  tools

Marquetry tools

A saw with an extra saw blade, a razor blade, a hand screw, or a hand press, a wrist, a hand drill, a paper scoop, a claw archer, a wood glue, a stick, a wood with a thickness of 4 mm to 1 cm, a plywood, Workbench, 100 g hammer, clamp, sanding, nipple and a little dry soap.

Content man December 10, 2018
Marquetry supplies

Marquetry supplies

The marquetry art is only the primary material of wood, but it can be seen in conjunction with other arts or using other materials.
Marquetry is seen in various wooden works such as panels, tables, chairs, watches, buffets, decorative boxes, and any flat and curved wooden furniture. In all these cases, the effect of art on wooden objects is intended.

Content man December 9, 2018