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Marquetry in Canada

Marquetry in Canada

Split marquetry in terms of embossing:

Flat: In this marquetry, the entire work surface is seen as a flat surface

Half emboss: There is some prominence in this marquetry , for example in miniature designs

Emboss: Which is a combination of craving art and marquetry art. In this type of marquetry you do not see the smooth surface.

Content man December 22, 2018
Wood forest

Wood forest

Here is the most complete Canadian forest.
Beech wood, Alder wood, Maple wood, Walnut wood, Sticky wood, Oak, Wood hornbeam, Mahagonian wood, Akone wood, Teak teak, Ebony stick, Black wood,Walesa wood,Ash wood stick Samshad wood, Tree tree tree, Pine Balsam Wood, Birch wood are found in this forest.
Each of them has its own characteristics. Wood that comes from the trunk of the trees and is cut to the board, is more often used in the manufacture of furniture and furnishings. The type of wood we choose determines the beauty and strength of the made-up instrument.

Content man December 16, 2018