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Marquetry in Canada

We use Canadian wood and sources local lumber to create a variety of marquetry.The order we provide to the customer is based on the order received.Each order is made in the form of different logos and geometric shapes.

The letters from the customer and worked in combination with expensive stones such as oysters, ivory, Copper and repetitive patterns made by marquetry artists.

Split marquetry in terms of embossing :

  • Flat: In this marquetry, the entire work surface is seen as a flat surface.
  • Half emboss: There is some prominence in this marquetry, for example in miniature designs.
  • Emboss: Which is a combination of craving art and marquetry art. In this type of marquetry, you do not see the smooth surface.

    If you have not been able to enjoy the marquetry until today, we recommend it right now.

Canada marqeutry

Canada marqeutry

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