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Marquetry supplies

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Marquetry supplies:

The marquetry art is only the primary material of wood, but it can be seen in conjunction with other arts or using other materials. Marquetry is seen in various wooden works such as panels, tables, chairs, watches, buffets, decorative boxes, and any flat and curved wooden furniture. In all these cases, the effect of art on wooden objects is intended.

Including materials used in workplaces:
1- Wood : The trees used are wood
Walnuts, Berries, Orange, Chenar (Deleb), Almonds, Jujube, Shamshad, Pears, Almonds, Hornbeam, Birds
2- Metals:  Metals such as gold, rice, silver, and copper are used.
3-shell: Its hard skin has a white, brilliant appearance and a special gloss to the piece.
4. Bone: Major bones of the calves and skeletons of cattle and camels are used.
5- Ivory: Dentin or toothy elephant that has a white and streaky color and adds to the price of the marquetry.
6- Chatem: Chapters are sometimes used in parts of the mosaic, which are made in different colors and geometric designs

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