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Marquetry tools

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Marquetry tools

The marquetry tool can be very wide and depending on the professional or the amateur, the work is different and different. We have brought here the main tools of the marquetry …

A saw with an extra saw blade, a razor blade, a hand screw, or a hand press, a wrist, a hand drill, a paper scoop, a claw archer, a wood glue, a stick, a wood with a thickness of 4 mm to 1 cm, a plywood, Workbench, 100 g hammer, clamp, sanding, nipple and a little dry soap


Tools and tools for carpet work:
Skin machine (disk plate), Polishing machine, Shaky tamper, Wind pump and Pissel, Plasma.

Polyester, Silicon cleaner, Colored powders, Black dusts, Cloth pile, Instant Tanner and Patch adhesive.



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