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A guest for Canadians

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A guest for Canadians:

Today, the need for new artistic styles is expanding. Marquetry is one of these tactics.

Wood marquetry art   is used both in decorative and functional.  Various applications include parquetry, furniture, table, furniture and cabinets.

The use of marquetry has begun from Asia, but today we have nailed it to the homes of the people of Canada by using Toronto wood.

Marquetry artists use walnut wood, jujube, alfalfa, rash, alder, mapra, acacia, shamsad raskish, oak, walnut, cake, pistachio, olive, cherry, elm, ebony, betel, akagio.

Of course, Marquetry still works with the eastern instrument like a knife.

The entrance of the art of marquetry into furniture, namely the combination of wood with metal and precious stones, transformed the appearance of the houses.

The art of marquetry also embodies the image of the faces, which is an adornment of the walls.


A guest for Canadians

A guest for Canadians

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