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Types of wood flooring

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Types of wood flooring:

Real estate consultants say that houses that use wood flooring are sold faster and at a more affordable price.  Wood flooring adds comfort and value to your home and business.

There is nothing at first glance to the beauty of wood flooring. The reason for the luster of the wood flooring, due to the use of natural wood include oak, hiker, maple, cherry, birch, cork, bamboo.

Types of wood flooring are:

Solid wood flooring: The biggest advantage is that it has the potential to wash several times a day, which is why it counts on it for generations. Solid wood flooring is further installed in the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Engineering wood flooring:It is cheaper and more used for substructure. It is resistant to moisture and is suitable for underground.

Bamboo wood flooring: It is resistant to scratches and physical encounters and looks like natural wood.

Cork wood flooring:  It is environmentally friendly and acts as an insulator.

Canada wood

Canada wood


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