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What is Persian Parquetry and Artistic Wooden Mosaic made from ?

Saam Art Group Website Team

A wooden parquet made of natural wood is a stylish and durable product that is installed and used on the floor of the building and in the interior of the house or workplace.
Parquet usually have a moderate temperature, not very cold and not very hot.
Parquet polishing is very simple and therefore has a long life span, the diversity, and composition of parquet colors is much more than wood, so it is the best option in interior decoration.

Crafts are a kind of work in which decorative and functional accessories are made using hand or a simple tool. Wood, from the beginning, is considered to be a vital ingredient for the production of basic tools and is considered by native craftsmen. Due to the light woodiness of the wood, artists have created beautiful works of this material that have a functional and decorative aspect. What can sustain the market for this discipline is the creativity and innovation that originated from native culture.

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